Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!

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2015 Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament

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March Madness is right around the corner and the B1G Tournament well underway. The Hoosiers played last night and live to see another day! They will play Maryland tonight at 6:30pm! This is getting me very excited for the nonstop basketball watching that will be happening next week.

t w o

I attended my third Meet + Make last night hosted by Sarah Hearts at West Elm. We painted a set of glassware, had delicious treats, chatted with friends, and made a wish list of everything I want from West Elm (which is basically the entire store).


t h r e e

I had been thinking about jumping on the essential oils bandwagon for a while. After Crosby’s last ear infection, I decided to take the plunge. I ordered the Young Living starter kit and it arrived this week! I will admit that I am a little overwhelmed at all of the options and possibilities but I am so excited to learn more and incorporate the oils into our lives. I’m sure I’ll be sharing my favorites soon enough!

What are you loving this week?


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2 thoughts on “Friday I’m in Love

  1. West Elm, right? It makes me want to re-do my entire house! And super jealous of all of the crafts nights. It seems like my store is slacking in that area! I need to look into that. I can’t wait to hear about your essential oils. I have every intention of incorporating them but have just stuck to a few drops of lavender in E’s diaper wipes solution. XO

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