my weekend in photos


early saturday morning wagon rides in his pjs.


first soccer game of the season! i have plenty more pictures coming soon.


from soccer, we went straight to mygym! kenley had a great time and earned her first ribbon.


greg and i headed downtown for a double date night on saturday for ucf celebrates the arts.


we saw two great shows and tons of great art. it was a fun night!


i reluctantly got out of bed at 5am to head to sanford with the girls for the riverside dash 15k. the morning was beautiful and it turned out to be a great race. more on that later, too.


after nap time for everyone, we braved the heat for a bike ride! kenley loves her new bike which ended up coming on friday and was riding it great today.


crosby likes his balance bike too but wasn’t on it very long. i’m excited to see him get better with it.


the healthy kids running series was supposed to start back up tonight, but it was postponed due to some threatening weather. we played at the park instead and the kids had a great time.


this picture pretty much sums up our weekend: sweaty, messy, and happy.


we had a crazy, busy, active weekend, but it was so fun.
how was your weekend?

3 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. #1 – the picture of kenley and her soccer friend is SO CUTE. their expressions. belongs in a magazine. #2 – Crosby’s helmet. 🙂

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