my weekend in photos

pajama day at school on friday! i promise they were excited about it.

my grandma shipped me her entire set of china this week. i spent some time unpacking it, admiring it, and putting it away in our dining room this weekend. when we registered for our wedding gifts years ago, we opted to hold off on fine china for a number of reasons…but now i know why. i am so thankful to have this beautiful set that means so much to me.

saturday morning soccer.

he’s a rockstar with his fork these days.

the girls doing arts & crafts before dinner on saturday.

early wake up call to get in 6 miles with kayla before her next half marathon on saturday. it was so humid! i followed it up with spin & strength at the Y in the afternoon. needless to say, today is a rest day for me.

after a slight weather delay, they were able to get in the healthy kids running series this weekend. everyone was so excited.

first race of the season! she did a great job.

he wanted to get down and run with everyone else, but you can’t tell it here!


we had a busy weekend, but it sure was good. how was your weekend?

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