Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!

o n e

I have been seeing a lot of articles and pins about “wardrobe capsules” but it wasn’t until I came across the article Why I Got Rid of My Wardrobe that I actually got the urge to do it. I currently have a stack of clothes that I have been meaning to take to a resale shop sitting in my closet and a bin of maternity clothes I want to get rid of and a whole section of my closet that I currently don’t wear, and let’s not even talk about the drawers of clothes I don’t even touch. I am inspired. My summer goal is to clean out and revamp my wardrobe. Who’s with me?

t w o

Speaking of wardrobe…I am LOVING my new pair of Bandolino nude pumps. I found them at TJ Maxx (score!) a couple weeks ago and a scooped them right up. Not only were they only $30, they are so versatile. I have been wearing them like crazy with so many different outfits. I am sure they are last season’s because I can’t find them anywhere online, but I found some similar ones here and here.

t h r e e

The 119th Boston Marathon was on Monday and I loved everything about it. The story lines that got my attention this year was the 34 week pregnant marathon finisher (who averaged at 9:54 minute pace, I might add!), the runner with muscular dystrophy who finished 20 hours after the start, and the most emotional story in my opinion was the bombing survivor who crossed the finish line.

f o u r

Crosby and I got to wander through Target on Tuesday morning while waiting for his prescription to be filled at the pharmacy. It was super fun to have the store to ourselves on a weekday morning at 9am, so we took our time and made our way through the store aisle by aisle. What I am loving right how at Target is the Made to Matter collection which includes some of our favorite brands like Annie’s, Babyganics, Plum Organics, Simply Balances, Stonyfield, Yes To, and Zarbee’s to name a few. The entire back section of our store was decided to the Made to Matter brands and it’s awesome! Bravo Target… at least you did one thing right this week, unlike your Lilly Pulitzer flash sale.

f i v e

Since I’ve returned to running post-Crosby, I have been using the run/walk method during long runs. Before my first half marathon, I didn’t really know this was a thing. Now, my pace is actually better when I run/walk rather than when I run straight through, so it’s working for the time being. Here is an interesting article on the subject: Is The Run/Walk Method Better For Your Health?

s i x

The Mets are now 13-3 and have won 11 games in a row. As you can imagine, someone in our household is pretty excited! 


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