my weekend in photos


i couldn’t pass up these pretty things when i stopped at the store for soy sauce on friday.

after my alarm went off at 5am on saturday morning, i laid there and thought of every excuse i could think of not get out of bed. reluctantly, i did and i am so glad i forced myself out there. i got in six miles at a slower than normal pace, thanks to not running all week. it sure felt good though.


afterwards, we headed straight to the soccer fields. this was the first time the girls were actually on the field at the same time. they loved it.


kenley did a really good job and played almost the entire game. she will run towards the ball until the ball actually gets to her, then she will run the other way. it’s so fun to watch.

after having friends over for dinner on saturday night, we got up and headed to mygym this morning. crosby had his first class, then we stayed and played during open gym. the kids loved it.

after nap time for everyone, kenley and i went to the y. since my race schedule is pretty empty right now, i’m trying to do mix in strength training and cardio with my run schedule.


we finally had amazing weather for the healthy kids running series! stretching and getting ready to run.


at the start line, ready to go! kenley got first place tonight!


we had a busy weekend and it went by very quickly, but it sure was fun.
how was your weekend?