Friday I’m in Love

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o n e

I just cannot quit Grey’s Anatomy, no matter how much emotional turmoil Shonda Rhimes puts me through, I just can’t stop watching. The last couple have weeks have been overly emotional and I found myself even more depressed as I was reading this Q&A with Patrick Dempsey. << spoiler alert 
After 11 seasons, I still love the show and I’m sure I will continue to watch until the final episode airs. I can’t give up now, it’s been too long.

Grey's Anatomy

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t w o

The Indianapolis Indians held a peanut-free night at the April 29th baseball game this week against the Louisville Bats, as part of peanut allergy awareness night.


t h r e e

Every year it’s hilarious.
I’m not sure it will ever get old.

It's Gonna Be May, Justin Timberlake

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and just for the fun of it…

You’re welcome.


Happy Friday and happy May!

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