Weekend in Indiana – Part I

Friday morning, we hopped on a plane and headed up to Indiana. We made it through the airport flawlessly and the kids were great on the plane. Crosby loved seeing all the planes, trains, and automobiles while we were at the airport. Greg and I loved that the kids could sit and watch Daniel Tiger on the iPad on the flight.


As soon as we landed, we met up with a couple of my girlfriends who recently had babies of their own. I was so excited to meet Harper and Reese in the same day, and see Meghann and Celeste of course! Plus, we ate at McAlister’s! Yum!




After lunch, we headed up to my parent’s house for a pool party! I am so thankful for everyone who came by to visit and play. It was a fun afternoon.







I have two more days worth of photos to share, so stick around!

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