Friday I’m in Love… on a Sunday.

Happy Friday Sunday! I had half of this post written last week, but the week got away from me and I never finished it. I didn’t want it to go waste, so here I am on Sunday wrapping it up. I’ll be back tomorrow (or Tuesday) to share about our whirlwind of a weekend in Indiana.

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I recently stumbled upon Prime Pantry that is now available to Amazon Prime members and we got our first shipment this week. I have been trying to figure out what is the cheapest way to get some of our necessities, whether it be from Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale, Target, Publix, Amazon, etc. I did some price comparison on the items I got in my pantry box and Amazon was cheaper on most items (pro), but there is also a $6 shipping fee (con), but it was delivered right to my doorstep (pro). Right now, I’m loving Prime Pantry and I plan to use it again in the future! Plus, did you know that Annie’s mac & cheese comes in a family size box?! Awesome.


t w o

Namast’ay in Bed.
This is my thought most mornings when my alarm goes off.
Doesn’t this sweatshirt from look so comfy?

Namastay In Bed Pullover Eco Fleece Sweatshirt. Hot Yoga. Yoga Sweatshirt. Namaste. Pilates. Savasana. Namaste Shirt.

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t h r e e

I’m pretty sure I’m going to need one of these donut pool floats.

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Hope you had a great weekend!

my weekend in photos


in case you missed it this week, kenley got three stitches in her forehead on monday afternoon.
on friday afternoon, she got them out! we went out to dinner to celebrate.

selfie with my little man.

these two.

unfortunately, she has not been cleared to play soccer yet, so we cheered on her teammates after pictures on saturday morning. we took a small pit stop at the park on the way home.


we took advantage of the amazing weather we had this weekend and went for a bike ride / run.
we made stops at starbucks and the park, but ended up going over 2.5 miles!

greg and i went out saturday night to celebrate dos de mayo with some friends! we watched the end of the clippers/spurs game, but were in bed before the fight began.

crosby had class at mygym this morning, then we hit up the park, yet again!

week 3 of the healthy kids running series and kenley got first place again! go girl!

teaching her how to open peanuts at five guys.

this one went down head first at the park today, then decided he wasn’t going to take a nap. needless to say, he had an early bedtime.


we were on the go most of the weekend, but it was a good one!
how was your weekend?

Friday I’m in Love

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I just cannot quit Grey’s Anatomy, no matter how much emotional turmoil Shonda Rhimes puts me through, I just can’t stop watching. The last couple have weeks have been overly emotional and I found myself even more depressed as I was reading this Q&A with Patrick Dempsey. << spoiler alert 
After 11 seasons, I still love the show and I’m sure I will continue to watch until the final episode airs. I can’t give up now, it’s been too long.

Grey's Anatomy

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t w o

The Indianapolis Indians held a peanut-free night at the April 29th baseball game this week against the Louisville Bats, as part of peanut allergy awareness night.


t h r e e

Every year it’s hilarious.
I’m not sure it will ever get old.

It's Gonna Be May, Justin Timberlake

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and just for the fun of it…

You’re welcome.


Happy Friday and happy May!