Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! Don’t forget to pop over to see what these ladies are loving:

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o n e

92 year old Harriette Thompson is now the oldest woman to ever finish a marathon. Not to mention, she is a two time cancer survivor. How awesome. You can read more about her story here and here.

Harriette Thompson, oldest woman marathon runner

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t w o

Ya’ll know how much I love my Simplified Planner. Well, there is now a Simplified Planner app which was released this week and I am so excited for this handy electronic sidekick to accompany my planner.

t h r e e

Mary Beth has mentioned Sheryl Sandberg a few times and I have added her book Lean In to my wish list, but I haven’t read anything by her yet… until now. This week Sheryl posted the most heart wrenching, yet beautiful and inspiring post I’ve ever read regarding the sudden death of her husband. I will definitely be reading her book. You can read the post on Facebook or on Today.

f o u r

Misha mentioned this last week, but I feel it’s worth noting again. Oh Joy Band-Aids are now available at Target! This is big news for those of you who have toddlers who live for Band-Aids, much like Kenley does. I bought three boxes in order to get the free Oh Joy Striped First Aid bag which is adorable! This is definitely going to be my new carrying case for my oils.


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f i v e

Most importantly, this was a huge week for Charlotte Reece. She had a successful surgery on Tuesday and we are all so thankful. Please continue to keep Charlotte and her family in your thoughts and prayers. You can also follow along with her journey at Charlotte’s story: childhood liver cancer.


Your turn! What are you loving this week?