My Favorites // Running Gear

My apologies for the premature post yesterday, I definitely wanted to write more about each item so I am re-posting today.


I’ve complied a list of my favorite gear to use on runs and during races. I don’t use each of these every single time I run, but they are definitely frequently used for me.

my favorite running gear

Camelbak Charm

I use my Camelbak on long runs in the summer months. It is way to hot to be running without hydration. I love my water ice cold and this definitely keeps it that way. I usually fill it up with ice and water the night before my run and put it in the fridge so I can just grab and go in the morning. One very important trick is to turn it upside down and suck all of the air out of the pouch after you fill it up with water. This prevents the water from sloshing around when you are running. You’re welcome.

Simple Hydration Water Bottle

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I needed some hydration for shorter runs since it’s been getting so humid out (even at 6am!). I got several recommendations and decided on the simple hydration water bottle for the sole reason that I can stick it in my Flip Belt (see below) and not have to carry it in my hand. I really like it so far and it provides the perfect amount of water for shorter runs. The only downfall is that my water doesn’t stay ice cold, but I will live.

Flip Belt

I seriously could go on and on about how amazing the Flip Belt is. This belt is so handy, I wear it every single time I run to hold my iPhone 6 and my key fob for my car. On race day, I also carry a couple GU packs and my driver’s license or credit card if I need them.

Road ID

Safety first… I usually am running with someone else, but most of the time I’m not sure if anyone else would know who my emergency contact is or how to get a hold of him. Hopefully no one will ever have to use it, but just in case, I have it.

Garmin Forerunner 220

This is the second Garmin I have had and I will never run without one. I am very OCD when it comes to logging miles and I will run up and down the street in order to get the last .05 miles just to hit my goal. The 220 is amazing and does everything I need it to do and more.


I love using Cocogo in my Camelbak or water bottle during the summer months. It is not only delicious, but also hydrating, especially during longer runs. Depending on how much water I take with me during the run, I will put 1-3 packets in my water.

Body Glide

I’m going to put it out there… chaffing happens when you run. I religiously use body glide in areas that are prone to chaffing, especially on long runs. I always use it where my sports bra rubs against my skin and on my feet to avoid getting blisters as much as I can. The possibilities are endless and you should definitely have some of this on hand.


This little towel is wonderful year around. In the cooler months, I use it to wipe my runny nose and it in the hotter months I use it to catch my dripping sweat. It fits around my hand or wrist so I don’t feel like I’m actually carrying it, which is a huge win in my book.


I am continuously reminded that running is an expensive sport. Most of these items listed above were either birthday or Christmas gifts, so add them to your wish list! I also am always on the hunt for good deals when searching for running gear. I am also planning to do a round up on my favorite running apparel, so stay tuned!

What is some of your favorite running gear?

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