Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! Head over and check out what these ladies are loving:

Misha // Mary Beth // Amanda // Laura // Aileen // Jessica

o n e

I love maps & geography so when I saw this floating around Facebook, I had to do one for the states I’ve visited.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

I need to get traveling!

t w o

If you’ve ever visited Chicago, you may know of this place called Portillo’s. It is pretty much amazing and the day after the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Finals, Portillo’s announced they are coming to Tampa in 2016! Holler!

t h r e e

I love Instagram giveaways and I am frequently tagging friends on Instagram to enter said giveaways. This week it paid off as I won one!! I now have a shop credit to Little Peanut Threads and kate&jAMES shop! Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on what I end up choosing for the kiddos.

A huge thanks to @caytlynpacific@littlepeanutthreads and @kateandjames_shop!

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Friday I’m in Love

  1. Congrats on the giveaway win! That is awesome! Also, I see that Washington is missing from your travel list… We could probably help remedy that! XO

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