my weekend in photos


friday night date night at cooper’s hawk. we are now proud members of the wine club so we will be getting our wine on more often. i’m excited!


let me tell you, the last thing i wanted to do the next morning was get up and run 10 miles, but that’s why you have a running buddy… to hold you accountable. we knocked at 10 miles and felt pretty good afterwards. we weren’t as concerned with pace as we were just finishing. running in the summer is no joke. this was my longest run before the rock n roll half marathon in chicago next month!


the boy is obsessed with this train set.


saturday swimming.


the pool store happened to be close to jeremiah’s italian ice which was exactly what we needed on a hot day. unrelated, this is the face he makes every time he sees himself on the phone.


saturday night was our first time getting the spa going… which worked out well seeing how i ran 10 miles that morning. greg and i enjoyed a little quiet time to ourselves after the kids were in bed.


the perfect wine to take to a new mom.


we got to meet baby andrew today! kenley is obsessed with all things baby so she loved him. crosby loved him until i started holding him and then he was not thrilled about that. he knows he’ll always be my baby.


we also got to see kenley’s old teacher who was visiting this weekend. so fun!


sunday swimming.


we had a great, mostly relaxing weekend and are definitely looking forward to the holiday weekend coming up. how was your weekend?!

2 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. Hey! I was just wondering what kind of camera you use to take underwater pictures! They turn out great! Your kids keep getting cuter!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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