my [long] weekend in photos

tutus and bike rides.


thursday, greg did some serious work on the driveway. it looks so much better!

we decided to head to sea world on friday morning. i was worried that it would be busy since it was a holiday, but it ended up being quite the opposite. at times we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves and were able to do some of the rides more than once.

saturday morning, heather and i ran the watermelon 5k in winter park! it was a fun run, but we were pretty pleased with our time.

sporting their red, white, and blue!

festive food.

ready to party!

the cutest party guest…sweet kennedy.

fireworks before bedtime.

our firecracker.

sunday swimming.

greg and i had a date night for our anniversary. we did a wine tasting and asked to sit in the bar so we could watch the women’s soccer game. by the time we sat down for dinner, it was already 4-0! we enjoyed the rest of the game over some good food and wine, as well as complimentary blanc de blanc!


we had a great long weekend and spent some much needed time with my parents. it’s going to be hard getting back in the swing of things once they leave. 

how was your weekend?

One thought on “my [long] weekend in photos

  1. So fun to have your parents in town! When I first saw that picture of you all on the merry-go-round, I thought “who is that girl that Kathi is standing with?” And then I realized it was your teenage daughter Kenley! How are your kids so big?! I just saw them!

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