my weekend in photos


c man and his buddy at school on friday. i love getting pictures like this during the day.


saturday morning birthday party celebrating liam turning 4! she shared half her donut with me. yum!


my little cheese ball. we had a great time at the party playing around in the water.


he was out on the way home. poor little guy has been battling a runny nose all weekend.


some friends stopped by on saturday to hang out. unfortunately, we were stuck inside on the account of rain. that didn’t stop the fun though!


heather and i got in five miles this morning before 7am.


every time they go to publix she asks to get a “scratch off” (lottery ticket)… awesome, i know, but they love scratching them off together. today they won $10!


this pretty much sums up our weekend. lots of dark clouds and rain.


they just couldn’t take it any more. playing in the hot tub in the rain.


we had a great weekend. i ended up cleaning out a couple rooms today and made two stops at goodwill. not to mention we saw some friends and enjoyed some time together as a family. there was definitely some threenager attitude happening, but you’ll have that apparently.

how was your weekend?

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