Friday I’m in Love

Hi ya’ll! I’m excited to be back in full force with our Friday I’m in Love posts! Let’s get to it.

o n e

Target announced this week they are moving away from gender-based signs in their stores, especially in departments like bedding and toys. This caused quite the commotion this week on the interweb, but I’m a fan. Who says girls can’t play with “boy” toys and vice versa?

t w o

A friend and colleague of mine was featured on the Huffington Post this week for her wonderful piece “Let Theatre Take You to a New World — Without Ringing, Glowing Phones“. Love it!

t h r e e

Summer is winding down and that means football season is right around the corner. I love this story about Notre Dame unveiling their new uniforms but also surprising a walk on senior with a scholarship. Watch the video here. I may have shed a few tears.


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