my weekend in photos


we didn’t do much friday night other than watch the rain come down hard for hours. the pool was almost overflowing on saturday morning.


saturday included a trip to the ymca and yard work for greg. our friends came over after nap time, but due to the rain, yet again, we had an indoor party.


unfortunately we waited too long to get a group shot, so this was the best we could do. bed time for everyone!


this morning we had our semi-annual virtual 5k/10k race with the running club. it was a great morning with the other mamas and we pretty much crushed our 5k.


c man got a haircut today! it’s a little shorter than i would have liked, but it’ll be grown out in no time.


i had my first aldi experience today and the verdict is that i’ll definitely be back. this one opened not too far from our house so i’ll be taking advantage of it.


we had to get in the pool at least once this weekend, so we did it while it was raining today.
rain, rain go away!


we had a great, low-key weekend.
how was yours?!

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