my weekend in photos


after my first hot yoga class on friday night with kayla, i got up and ran 7 miles with heather on saturday morning. the run was pretty good, but i sure felt worthless the whole rest of the day.


soccer season is back and these girls are thrilled! you can’t tell by their faces but they both did a great job on saturday, despite the early morning august heat.


working on her first homework assignment. she did a great job staying inside the lines too!


swimming buddies.


this little cheeseball had a his friend jaxon over to swim on saturday afternoon. it was a fun play date, but the boys refused to get a picture together. 


we finally got a car shopping cart today at publix! it’s really the little things.


our sunday funday included meal planning, meal prepping, laundry, and a trip to the y. honestly, i loved every minute of it.


finishing up her homework. she worked very hard on holding the scissors the correct way and did such a good job.


watching the “very hungry” caterpillar on our walk after dinner.


we had a great weekend following the first week of school. 
we are definitely looking forward to the long weekend coming up.

how was your weekend?

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