Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday and welcome long weekend!

o n e

30 Things We Do in our 30s That We Didn’t Do in our 20s

Only a year into my 30s and I think I do every single one of these things now. #30isthenew20

t w o

Yesterday campus closed at noon due to the football game, so Greg and I got to spend some time together sans kiddos which is a rarity. We made the rounds and had lunch at Marlow’s Tavern then went to Target, Lowe’s, JoAnn’s, and ended our excursion at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. What we really wanted to go was go home and take a nap, but we were actually productive. It’s good to spend some time with my main squeeze.


t h r e e

Target Wants to Make You a Cocktail While You Shop

Yes, please. Where do I sign up?

f o u r

Dark Sky
This app is amazing. My friend introduced me to it while we were in Chicago. She announced that rain would be stopping in 12 minutes and she was right on the money. I was still a little skeptical due to the crazy Florida weather we have, but for real, this app is insane. It is so accurate!


f i v e

It’s September. College football is back. Pumpkin Spice everything is in full force.
Bring on fall!


Now it’s your turn! What are you loving this week?
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