my [long] weekend in photos


friday night consisted of homework and baseball, all while breaking in my new socks.


saturday, we hit up disney on ice to see 100 years of magic!


it was magical. thanks to michelle, we had great tickets in a suite, so the kids were able to run around if they got antsy.


c-man telling me which way he wants to go… “that way!”


the rest of the day was spent like this… kenley was up a couple times on friday night but seemed to be doing better saturday morning. saturday afternoon, not so much. it was definitely an early bedtime for her. thankfully, sunday she woke up good as new!


due to our lack of sleep on friday night, i postponed my 8-miler until sunday. this was my first solo run in a while so i waited until it was light out before heading out the door. i’m surprised how well i did all by my lonesome.


swimming with my people on sunday.


when kenley dives, she puts her hands over hear head so when you ask crosby to dive, this is what he does. then proceeds to jump in feet first.

she’s doing a great job diving for rings!


this morning, i met heather at the y for some yoga. by the looks of this bunch, we needed a good yoga session.


the rest of our holiday was spent playing legos and getting stuff done around the house. we definitely enjoyed the extra day at home.

how as your long weekend?

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