my weekend in photos


friday morning marked my longest before-work run – 6 miles with heather! i’m not going to be making a habit of it, but it was nice to get it done before we left for the weekend.


after a long day on friday, greg and i got up on saturday and headed to chicago! greg had been searching for this beer for weeks now and he finally tracked it down in illinois. we got the last two bottles in the store.


meanwhile, the kids stayed back to hang out with my parents.


they also got to see kenley’s soccer game!


the reason for our trip was to celebrate mary beth and jon’s wedding! i have many more pictures from the wedding to come later this week.


the kids had a blast hanging out with meemaw & grandpa.


the kids talked them into new trucks, barbies, and slippers.


popsicles by the pool. crosby’s hands may have gotten a little cold.


sweet boy.


greg and i flew home yesterday and we really wanted to take our friends and the weather back with us. we had such a great time.


how was your weekend?

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