my weekend in photos


after a low-key friday night, we woke up to cooler temps on saturday morning, so we hit up the park as soon as possible.


we also celebrated gavin & carson’s first birthday! of course, heather and i needed a selfie where we actually had on make-up and weren’t in running clothes.


after the birthday party and naps by all, we played outside and upstairs. kenley loved playing her counting and matching game.


sunday, i woke up to run with these two. we crushed 11 miles before 8am and felt great — hence the excited selfie.


i had to document the amazing weather and that we squeaked by under two hours. i’m hoping the weather is this nice on race day.


i came home to an excited girl — meemaw came in late saturday night and she was wearing her halloween clips. the excitement for october is real.




sunday night, greg and i snuck out for a bite to eat and a bottle of wine.


after kenley’s dentist appointment this morning, my mom and i headed straight to the mall to do what we do best. we had an amazing day together which is just what i needed.


quick drive around the block after school.


we had a great first weekend of october!
how was your weekend?

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