my weekend in photos

my apologies for the week long blog break. we are back from vacation and i have a lot of catching up to do. hang tight!



we arrived back home on thursday to our new bed (in a box!). so far, we love it!


i was off on friday and had the morning to myself to catch up on some schoolwork. it was in the 60s, so i enjoyed the weather while i could outside.


kenley had a soccer game on friday night and saturday morning this weekend. she’s been doing a great job, but we’re still waiting on that first goal.


we had a small birthday party on saturday afternoon with just the four of us and we gave the kids their gifts. crosby hasn’t wanted to leave the train table since.


we managed to pull him away long enough to take a bike ride to the park where we ran into his friend sagan. crosby loves to bear hug.


sweet face.


this morning was race day! we did the u can finish distance dare which is a 2 mile run and a 5 mile run on campus. it was super fun. i’m sure i’ll post more pictures of the race later.


we’re trying to get back into the swing of things since it’s back to the real world tomorrow, but still enjoying every second of october.
how was your weekend?

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