my weekend in photos


we tried out blaze on friday for lunch. so delicious and the name and smiley face was a nice touch. we’ll definitely be back!


by the time i got home on friday, the kids had already gone swimming, taken a bath, and were in their pjs! daddy doesn’t mess around. that left us time to go for a walk around the block to check out the “spooky” decorations.


friday night and saturday morning was dedicated to birthday party prep!


saturday afternoon was birthday party time! i didn’t get nearly enough pictures, but i will share what i do have soon.


sunday morning started at 4am with the lake nona half marathon! again, more pictures to come.


greg and i headed down to the usa women’s soccer game against brazil at the citrus bowl in the afternoon. it was our first time there and our first time seeing a live soccer game. it was super fun and really exciting!


afterwards, we headed downtown for dinner & drinks with friends before falling into bed at 9pm from pure exhaustion.


we had a crazy, busy weekend, but it was so fun!
i can’t even believe october is almost over. how was your weekend?

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