my weekend in photos


the kids learned about fire safety on friday at school when a few firemen visited. kenley came home talking about stop, drop, and roll and was so excited that they got to go to the cafeteria for the event.


we got word that crosby loved the fireman and gave him a huge hug when he left.


greg and i had a quick date on friday for lunch at mcalister’s deli which just opened by campus. we are so excited!


saturday morning, the kids and i headed to disney to meet up with meemaw and explore animal kingdom! unfortunately, greg had to work on friday and saturday nights, so he missed out on the fun.


we got to see mickey and minnie while we were there! the kids were all about it until we actually got in there to see them, then they didn’t want anything to do with it, but we all got a picture anyway!


we headed back to the grand floridian for dinner and to see grandpa before heading home. we had such a fun day and i have a lot more pictures to share this week.


sunday morning play time. kenley was the baker and crosby was the taste tester.


as the day went on, it was obvious that we all had a disney hangover. and greg had a work hangover.


and i should also add that our air conditioner is on the fritz. fun times in the gilbo house today.


we had such a fun, busy weekend!
how was your weekend?

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