my {long} weekend in photos


friday night was the opening night of light up ucf, so we pretended like it was 80 degrees outside and tried to get into the christmas spirit. 


plus, we had dinner and visited with daddy since he had to stay and work all night.


saturday morning, we took advantage of the cooler temps and went for a morning run. kenley said it was “freezing like frozen” when it was probably 65 degrees. ha!


after some errands, we played at the park!


sunday, we headed down to legoland!


life size duplos!


after playing at the park, we headed to the hotel for the night. 


lego building.


we went back to the park on monday morning. mommy and daddy had such a great time too!


we had such a nice long weekend and it was nice to get away for a night. i will share more about our legoland experience soon, it was such a great time. 

how was your weekend?

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