Choo Choos and Tutus

Last month, we celebrated Kenley’s 4th birthday and Crosby’s 2nd birthday with a joint party. I really wanted to do a “Choo Choo I’m 2” theme for Crosby. He is obsessed with all things trains so the theme would have been absolutely perfect, but I wasn’t sure how I would make that a boy/girl birthday party. Thankfully, Pinterest had me covered. I quickly found a Choo Choo and Tutu theme party invitation and I was sold.


I did a horrible job of taking pictures before (or even during) the party, so I will list the sources of inspiration and where I got the items, even if they are not pictured.

I ordered the invitation and printable party pack from swankypress on Etsy and printed everything myself. We opted for Publix cupcakes this year since they are half the price of Sweet and just as delicious. They did not disappoint!

choo choo tutu birthday party

I just love paper straws and I got the most perfect set in navy, pink, and gold from MoreSprinkledJoy on Etsy. The menu included fruit, veggies, meatball, peanut butter and jelly sandwich halves, buffalo chicken dip, juice pouches, water, and beer.

The party favors were pink tutus and conductor hats. Crosby was rocking a pink tutu by the end of the night and looked pretty darn cute in it. I got Kenley’s pettiskirt for free with the purchase of the tutus, which was awesome! Their birthday shirts were from Old Navy (here and here).

choo choos and tutus birthday party

choo choo tutu birthday party

The plates and cutlery were Cheeky from Target since the colors matched up great and it was one less stop I had to make. I love their stuff!



We did an open house style so guests could come and go as they please. There were a lot of kids running around at one point (hence why the pictures are scarce), but it was such a great day. The kids had an awesome time and loved having their friends over.






Happy birthday to our sweet nuggets!