my weekend in photos


the kids had a thanksgiving feast on friday at school. greg and i both had work commitments, so we couldn’t make it, but we are so thankful for the other parents who send us pictures.


toy time!


greg worked late on friday night, but i got up early for 9 miles on saturday.


afterwards, kenley and i headed to the mall to meet her friends at build-a-bear for a belated birthday celebration. kenley has really taken to the book ‘how the grinch stole christmas’ so as soon as she saw the grinch, she made her decision.


we made a family trip to target to get the necessities for our thanksgiving feast this week, as well as some other items for the big bed switch this weekend. crosby got kenley’s toddler bed and kenley got her crib back, but converted into a full bed.


comfy clothes on a rainy day and game time with the pilgram.


on the coldest night we’ve had in a very long time, we hit up our new dairy queen for some blizzards!


we had a great weekend with very little commitments. today was rainy and gloomy which seemed like the perfect day to get started on our christmas decorations. we are looking forward to a short, holiday week.

how as your weekend?

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