my weekend in photos

this kid.


after a low-key friday night of me writing my paper, heather and i met up for six miles on saturday morning. it was a rough six, but we got it done.


errands on saturday morning were just exhausting.


saturday night, we headed down to the block party in our community with some friends. the kids played in the bounce houses and then we ate Mexican food and had margaritas.


bouncing inside a snow globe!


crosby went to town on the salsa.


when we aren’t running, we’re drinking.


we had such a fun night!


we had a productive morning. kenley and i cleaned out some clothes and toys to donate, which prompted kenley to pull together her outfit for the day. greg headed into work and the kids and i hit up two different parks and the ymca today.


by the end of the day, this guy wasn’t feeling well. hopefully he can sleep it off tonight.


we had a great weekend doing some fun christmas-time activities.
how was your weekend?

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