my weekend in photos


after a very long week, we welcomed the weekend with open arms. heather and i got in 7 miles on saturday morning a little later than we normally run.


the park we were planning to go to on saturday was closed, so we ended up finding this little hidden gem for kids ages 2-5. it was awesome and we will be back next weekend, i’m sure!


shenanigans at lunch.


we headed down to sea world on saturday evening to check out their christmas displays. it was such a fun evening. i have more pictures to share tomorrow.


we ended up meeting some friends while we were there too, which made it even better.


after a slow start this morning, the kids stayed in their pjs all day and kenley and i made reindeer chow!


today was our holiday party for the running group and to top it off, it was a pj party! the best kind of party, in my opinion.


the jenks came over for taco night!


we had a great weekend and are looking forward to more holiday fun coming up.

how was your weekend?

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