my [long] weekend in photos

crosby is reluctant to do the slide by himself, but he was happy to go with kenley!


greg and i finally watched jurassic world on friday night. it was so good!


saturday morning came early and we knocked out 12 miles, which is my longest training run to date. if i’m running anything close to 13.1 miles, i want to be getting a medal for it, however, heather suggested 12 and i agreed. it was hard and i moaned and groaned the rest of the day.


we headed down disney to help celebrate lyla’s birthday and hang out with some friends. these three were brave enough to get in the water and i was happy to take pictures.


we had so much fun playing, swimming, eating, and chatting. can you tell it was way past nap time for our kids? they fell asleep as soon as we got in the car.


we did a whole lot of nothing on sunday and ended the day at tijuana flats. needless to say, this boy loves that place.


greg and i both had today off so we started the day at sea world!


we rode two roller coasters and enjoyed a snack before heading to lunch and to the mall. we had such a fun day together!


we really enjoyed having an extra day this weekend. how was your weekend?

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