my weekend in photos


greg worked on friday night so the kiddos and i held down the house. heather and i got up saturday morning to run and the weather was absolutely horrible. it was cold and so windy so our 8 miles turned into 6 and i was perfectly fine with that decision.


afterwards, we headed to o2b kids to celebrate kyler’s birthday, super hero style!


crosby says “cheeeeeese”!


happy birthday kyler girl!


we debated having a fire on saturday night but figured it was too cold for that and we wouldn’t enjoy it, so we watched the martian instead on our warm, comfy couch. it was really good!


kenley and i did a little craft together this morning after i saw this pin on pinterest. we modified it a little and used washi tape instead of ribbon, so now she has festive artwork in her bedroom!


i headed to panera to get some work done when the kids went down for their nap and ended up meeting a friend for a chat and a quick trip to target. we ended the day with a very quick trip to the y and a broncos victory!


we had a fun, chilly weekend. how was yours?

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