27 Months

This little man is in full out two year old mode.


We have had our fair share of time-outs this month, mostly due to throwing things that he shouldn’t be throwing, like toys or his dishes when he’s done with a meal. We have to remind him to use his walking feet and his listening ears. He also has been trying to get away with more and more, which I think is normal for this age. It’s crazy how much you forget about this age once you’ve been past it for two years now. Greg and I have to remind ourselves that we’ve already been through this once before, yet we are still surprised by each new thing.


One exciting thing this month is that Crosby officially knows all of his colors! I asked about this at his 2 year checkup because I was concerned he may be colorblind because he was so inconsistent with his answers when asked about a color. Our doctor assured me that they wouldn’t be worried about that until after age 3. He was just doing it on his own time because all of a sudden, he knew all of them! He is also getting very good with his letters and can identify most of the alphabet. His vocabulary is continuing to expand every day.

27 Months

The transition to the toddler bed is still going… Some nights are good, then he will throw us a curve ball and continue to get out of his bed for a while. Once he is asleep, he sleeps soundly until after 6:30am each day, but it’s just the staying in bed at bedtime that is the challenge. We moved Kenley’s Good Nite Lite to his room, so hopefully the moon will start encouraging him to stay in his bed. In the mornings, he will run out of his room and ask Greg “Daddy, come look!” (at the sun) and then he will ask “is ok to wake up?”.

27 months notes:
Weight – He got weighed yesterday, but I’m not sure what it was. I am guessing around 30 pounds.
Hair – Light brown and in need of a haircut!
Teeth – 16, and who knows when those molars will get here.
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 2T clothes, some 3T pajamas, and size 8 shoes
Diapers – Size 5 disposables
Likes – Choo choo trains, cars, car loaders, construction vehicles; watching the new garbage trucks pick up our garbage; playing with little Legos; food – all the food; Jake and the Neverland Pirates; talking about the (mu)seum and the big, big trains; helping himself to snacks in the pantry; calling any ball a “soccer ball”; peeing in the potty to get an M&M
Dislikes – Getting dressed each morning, staying in his bed at bedtime, using his fork and spoon, getting a time-out

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