Friday I’m in Love

Happy February!

o n e

I picked up a couple Raw Threads headbands at the expo last weekend and wore one during my race on Sunday. I have proceeded to wear one every single day since then. They are amazing! So comfy and cute.

t w o

As we go into Super Bowl weekend, I have to share an amazing article from the Indy Star –  In appreciation of Peyton Manning — Go Broncos!

t h r e e

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I have to admit I’ve had our house decorated since I took the Christmas decorations down, so we are in the spirit! This week, I shared our Candy-Free Valentines over on Orlando Moms Blog. Go check them out! 

f o u r

I have been in love with Amazon Prime for many years now. If I can get it shipped to my house, I will. This article finally gave me the nudge I needed to start using Prime Photos this week. I uploaded all of the photos from my phone which I had been meaning to do for such a long time. Score!

f i v e

The winter season of Suits is back!! Last week our cable was out, so we had to catch up this week before we saw any spoilers. If you haven’t started this show, you must! It’s so good!


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4 thoughts on “Friday I’m in Love

  1. Love the Valentines! I will probably not get my act together in time to have Eloise send them out this year, oh well! And, loving that Suits is back! That long hiatus was the worst…

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