Friday I’m in Love

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o n e

While I was at a conference for work last week, the campaign Five for the Fight was launched. You can see the video here. It’s simple…your $5 donation will go directly to cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah. Once you donate your $5, spread the word and get five friends to donate $5 too. We need this research…for people like Charlotte and Joey and so many others.

t w o

This week, I am loving our YMCA membership. I really have been loving it for the past year, so I’m not sure why I haven’t mentioned it before now. I have been three times this week and the kids love when we go on the weekends. It’s so convenient and I really love the little community that we have developed there. It’s the little things.

t h r e e

Sheryl Sandberg posted this powerful video on Facebook yesterday of a commercial that is encouraging dads to #ShareTheLoad. It’s amazing how a simple message of a laundry detergent commercial can speak volumes to the changing times and stereotyping gender roles. Really awesome stuff, check it out.

f o u r

I am not sure if I have shared my love for ALDI here, but I love it. Check out my recent Orlando Moms Blog post – All About ALDI for some tips and tricks if you have never been there before!


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