Friday I’m in Love

It’s Friday already? Thank goodness. This has been a crazy, busy week and it’s only going to get worse this month. But, spring is right around the corner and we are definitely looking forward to it!

o n e

Monday was Leap Day! I woke up thinking about how I was going to dominate my extra day of the year, but it turns out it was just like any other day. I dropped the kids off, went to work, went to class, and ate dinner at 9pm. It was still fun to think about how we had an entire full day this year that we didn’t have last year! Greg actually had jury duty on Leap Day this week. Which leads me into number two…

t w o

Not only did he have jury duty, he was selected to be on the jury for a week…long…trial. Aside from missing work, he has really enjoyed this whole experience. However, we are hoping that it will be over today. The only downside is that it has created longer days for all of us since we were both battling different traffic during rush hour and not getting home until later than usual most nights. But, it is what it is and like I said, he’s actually enjoying the whole process. I think it helps that all we watch are lawyer shows, like Suits and HTGAWM. Ha!

t h r e e

We had girls’ night this week at Cooper’s Hawk. I had a happy heart after dinner and drinks with these amazing ladies.


f o u r

Joy Cho is at it again with another one of her Target collections. She had already released her new home and nursery line and this weekend her layette collection for babies will be available. I mean, give me all the babies. I want to buy every single piece! Better yet, can she make them in toddler sizes? So adorable!


Now it’s your turn. It’s a new month, come on over and share what you’re loving!

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One thought on “Friday I’m in Love

  1. Jury duty? I am so jealous. And Aaron is too! He has never been picked for jury duty and wants to do it so badly! Aside from the schedule complications with littles, it is so, so exciting! I am glad Greg is fulfilling his civic duty and I know he is doing a great job! Sorry it made for a crazy week. I hope this weekend makes up for it! XO

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