my weekend in photos

march madness continues. both on the court and in the gilbo household.


i am really loving snapchat more and more each day. it’s so fun! i had to snap my saturday work attire while on campus.


the kids had fun playing at wyatt and kennedy’s house on saturday while the boys did some serious building.


due to our crazy schedules this weekend, there were several car naps. kenley and i passed the time while…


we let this guy sleep for a little bit.


after being out and about all day, lindsey and i headed over to ashley’s to put the finishing touches on before the party started.


we celebrated our sweet friend sally with margaritas and pineapples.


it was a perfect evening of good food, delicious desserts, and great conversation with the girls…until we meet again.


after church, we headed down to meet the coles who were in town!


it was our first time meeting miss kinsley. she and crosby hit if off immediately.


it was fun explaining to kenley that these were the cousins of her cousins in colorado. the older boys commented on how much greg looked like their uncle andy and i think kenley eventually understood the family connections. it was so great to see them!


the kids played with the water table which turned into them cleaning the furniture. can’t beat that deal!


we had the busiest weekend! it was sure fun, but we are ready for a little mini-vacation this week!

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