Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!

o n e

It’s spring break week! The kids have been out of school all week, my parents have been here, and Greg and I have been living it up. Each year we look forward to this little break from making lunches and rushing out the door in the mornings. Greg and I stopped by Starbucks on the wait to work twice and we ate lunch out every day. It’s always nice to break up our normal routine a little bit.

t w o

I have really wanted to make brussels sprouts for a while but never really got the courage to do them. Knowing that my mom would be here this week, I picked up a bag at Aldi last week to make. I used this recipe and also made garlic aioli to go with them and oh my goodness… they were so good!! Everyone loved them and we will definitely be making them on a regular basis.

t h r e e

As part of our pre-vacation ritual, my mom and I got a pedicure this week. We decided to take Kenley for her first pedi ever! She was very reluctant at first and only wanted me to paint her nails, which I obviously couldn’t do as I was sitting in my chair getting my feet massaged. She finally gave in and got her toes done with the cutest little flower, then decided that she was going to take it upon herself to get a manicure too. She was so happy that she did it!


f o u r

Misha’s shop opened this week! If you haven’t already, check out The Petite Flag Shop. I can’t wait to add a flag to our gallery wall, but the problem right now is deciding which one to get!

f i v e

IU plays UNC tonight in the Sweet Sixteen! Go Hoosiers!!


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