my weekend in photos


the kids wore all of their blue on friday for autism awareness day at school.


saturday morning, greg hopped on a flight to north carolina to visit mango!


kenley had her first soccer game of the season on saturday! she did really well. it’s amazing what a difference a year makes.


cheering on his sister at soccer aka me feeding him snacks so he would sit still.


it finally cleared up on saturday so the kids got to play on “kyler’s park” during hudson’s birthday party.


these no-nap ninjas wouldn’t let me get a picture of them… happy birthday hudson!


meanwhile, greg was visiting the durham bulls stadium. triple A baseball holds a special place in our hearts.


i am proud to say that the kids and i made it to church this morning, but thank heavens for the drive thru starbucks on the way home. ps i love snapchat.


kenley loves when she and crosby match, so it was christmas pjs tonight.

it’s that time of year again! let’s go mets! & crosby has mad ups.


this weekend was exhausting, but it was fun! happy april!

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