Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! I inadvertently skipped last week so I have two weeks worth of loves.

o n e

The Huffington Post shared a gender reveal video this week that you must watch —

Little Girls’ Adorable Reaction To Baby Gender Reveal Captured On Camera

I prefer not finding out the sex until the baby is born, but I would totally want to do this too.

t w o

There are so many great buys right now at Old Navy. Kenley has this tank maxi and it is only $10 right now, so she is getting it in a different color. If you’re in the market for pajamas, the Marvel, Mickey, and Star Wars pajamas are only $12, which is cheaper than almost all of the others. The stripe muscle tees are only $8 and they are seriously, so cute.

Old Navy

t h r e e

Emily Ley released the 2017 Simplified Planners this week and oh my goodness, I don’t know how I am going to decide. I am leaning towards going back to the weekly version because of the completely different type of planner this year. It’s so sleek and pretty. I also pre-ordered her book, Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy this week, which I am so excited to read!

f o u r

This boy got his stitches out on Wednesday, so we headed to our favorite place – Tijuana Flats to celebrate with tacos! I think he was very happy to be eating crunchy, flavorful food again.


f i v 

I got my first Stitch Fix last night! Stay tuned, I will share what’s inside next week.


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