my weekend in photos


homemade pizza on a friday night. after bedtime for the kids, greg watched the mets game while i cleaned out and organized my entire closet…anything to not write the two papers that i have due this week. ha!


kenley and i headed to her soccer game on saturday morning while the boys stayed home and started the big potty training adventure.


crosby was on house arrest this weekend, but thankfully our friends came over for dinner on saturday night for mexican food and beer ‘ritas.


this picture pretty much sums up our entire weekend. crosby played upstairs most of the weekend with one of us glued to his side. he pretty much played with his trains, cars, and jake legos for two straight days. he really has done so well, but i’m sure he’ll be happy to get out of the house again soon.


kenley, on the other hand, got a little stir crazy, so she and greg headed out this afternoon to see zootopia!


she also accompanied me on my run this afternoon, but only lasted the first ten minutes before she said she was too tired, so she came home and i finished.


we had a good weekend, but looking forward to getting out of the house a little bit more next weekend.

how was your weekend?

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