my weekend in photos


on friday, i had a great morning with c man, his friends, and their moms at the mother’s day breakfast at school.


saturday morning, kenley had soccer pictures, followed by an 8:15am game. it was an early morning!


the upside, we made it to the 9:15am piyo class at the y!


i scored kenley a $20 balance bike this week to help her practice balancing. she’s getting the hang of it, but she’s not thrilled that crosby is so much faster than she is.


in the afternoon, i had the privilege of celebrating a sweet friend and her baby boy on the way this summer. it was such a nice shower and the weather was absolutely gorgeous!


greg and i headed out for a date night which included wine tasting, dinner, and crashing on another friend’s date night. it was a great night!


we started the mother’s day celebration this morning at church.


after church, we ran some errands and picked up some plants at the nursery. we spent the rest of the afternoon outside swimming and grilling. it was a nice mother’s day!


we had a great weekend. how was yours?
happy mother’s day to all the moms out there!

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