Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday and happy June!

o n e

I had heard about Cosmic Kids Yoga through someone on Instagram recently but I hadn’t given it a try. On Wednesday, Kenley and I were playing in her room and I decided it would be a good time for a quiet activity before bed. We ended up doing two of the sessions and it was so fun! The first was very relaxing and the second had a little bit more movement and jumping around, so we should have done that one first, but they were both great. She liked them and they kept her interest. I actually felt like I got a good stretch out of it, too. We also did another session last night and Crosby joined in on a few of the moves. This week especially, I needed a couple good yoga workouts, but seriously, toddlers doing yoga is the cutest thing ever.

t w o

Do you know what I needed this week? This post. This post that my sweet friend sent me just at the right time this week. She said it spoke to her and that she thought of me while reading it. Thank God that she did because I needed to read it too, again and again.

t h r e e

Here is another great read this week:

Forging Her Own Path: How A Young Mother Embraces Simplicity And Builds A Powerhouse

f o u r

My current favorite.

f i v e

Today happens to be the kids’ favorite day of the whole school year: WATER DAY! You would not believe how excited they have been all week for this day. On top of water day, Kenley also is pumped for pizza and cupcakes for lunch. As you can guess, we’re nearing the end of the school year and summer is quickly approaching.



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