my weekend in photos


friday morning started with five humid miles with heather


saturday morning, we took a family trip to the y. i finally realize that i an actually use my running watch while i am running on the treadmill. only two years later…


some of crosby’s friends came over for a swim on saturday morning. they all had a great time, despite the looks on their faces.


saturday afternoon included a trip to ikea! if there ever is a place that is both terrible and awesome at the same time, it’s ikea.


we were successful and crosby got a new mattress for his new bed that we put together this morning.


saturday night, i celebrated kayla’s birthday with dinner and drinks! it was nice to get out for some girl time.


today was a bit of a blur. crosby woke up early and greg told me about a shooting at pulse. as the day went on and more details came out, it was hard for me to process it all. i felt helpless. heather and i got in a little bit of girl time and retail therapy, then we tried to donate blood. the line was super long, so we opted for buying cases of bottled water to donate to the big red bus. we’ve been glued to cnn all night still trying to come to terms with the fact that this terrorist attack happened right here in our own city. please continue to pray for orlando.

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