my weekend in photos


five miles on friday morning. it was slow and steady.


we headed to the townhouse restaurant on friday after work. the kids were so excited to see charlie and margot who were visiting from canada!


so thankful for a quick dinner with these girls. it’s been way too long.


i was back on campus on saturday morning to work while greg and the kids hit up the y and the park.


after crosby’s much needed haircut, we headed to sea world!




we thought for sure that we would be the only fools who wanted to go to sea world on saturday evening when it was 95 degrees outside. wrong. it was packed. there are apparently a lot of other crazies out there aside from us.


greg and i collapsed on the couch once we got home and watched london has fallen. it was pretty good!


sunday included church and errands. kenley and i did a little back to school shopping at target this afternoon too.


it’s not a weekend without a quick swim and popsicles.


we had a great weekend! our summer weekends are quickly winding down, so we’re making the most of them.

how was your weekend?

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