4th of July weekend, continued.

I shared last month about our trip to Indiana over 4th of July weekend. Since then, I’ve finally gone through the pictures on my camera, so I wanted to be sure to post those too.

Maggi and Greg hosted the Lower clan for a fantastic brunch on Saturday. It was cooler than normal that weekend, but the kiddos still took advantage of the pool and water balloons. Kenley was so excited to see that Sami had the same swim suit as she did!



Family photos were a must since so many Lowers were in town from four different states!









On Sunday, the Faris crew came over for lunch after the Outrunning Autism 5K and 10K.


It was a great 4th of July weekend with family!

One thought on “4th of July weekend, continued.

  1. Thanks for posting! It seems like these were taken forever ago. My favorite one is of the group with Crosby putting his arms around Eloise and Kenley! So sweet!

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