my [long] weekend in photos


we headed down to sarasota for the long weekend to spend some time at grammy’s house! we got up on saturday morning and went down to the dock for some fishing.


crosby didn’t quite have the necessary attention span for fishing, but kenley enjoyed it!


we hit up the mote marine lab & aquarium on saturday, which was super fun. this guy was by far my favorite. more photos to come!


we fished again before dinner and greg caught one with the mickey mouse fishing pole!


we went out for a family run on sunday morning and ended up doing four miles. it was brutal between pushing the kids and the heat and humidity. i ran the bridge and greg took the kids to the top, where kenley accidentally dropped her rubber fish into the ocean…hence the saddest face ever.


we headed to the beach after our run fully expecting to cool off in the water…until we saw this sign. needless to say our beach trip was short-lived.


ready for the party to get started!


the kids had such a great time playing with their second cousins. we all had a great time catching up with family.


sunday sunset over the water.


our last walk to starbucks of the weekend before it was time to head home. it was back to the grind once we got home, running errands and packing lunches.

we had such a fun long weekend away. it was much needed!
how was your long weekend?

happy labor day!

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