my weekend in photos


we got in six miles on friday morning and got our long run out of the way for the weekend, which was so nice!


saturday morning soccer! the little monsters did a great job!


kenley and i went to a pampered chef party on saturday while the boys hung out together. it was super fun.


the theme was kids in the kitchen so we made pizzas!


chuy’s for dinner with the jenkinsons!


sporting his new goggles before hitting the pool.


the afternoon rainstorm delayed our bike ride and run, but we got out there as soon as the rain cleared.

they are getting fast enough for me to run beside them and actually get in a good run. we ended up going almost two miles!


we made it a point to ride through all of the puddles. the kids got soaked and loved it!  we were all sweaty since it was so humid, so we went back to the house and jumped in the pool!


we ended the night by eating frozen pizza for dinner and playing in the fort in the living room after this one took a spill.


we had a busy weekend, but it was sure fun!
how was your weekend?

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