Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!

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I know that I have mentioned our love for Sugarcrash Kids before, but I shared a little bit more over on Orlando Moms Blog this week. I also haven’t shared that fun news that the kids were interviewed at the end of one of the podcasts this season! They are in the BUGS!!! episode and you can listen to it on their website. They are at the 17:55 mark if you want to have a listen. They were so excited when they heard themselves while listening to the podcast.

Podcast Cover Art

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Last week, Misha mentioned her love for the Cat & Jack line at Target and I couldn’t agree more! I was thrilled to get to buy some itty bitty baby boy clothes for a good friend this week. I had so much fun browsing all of the adorable baby items. I still stand by one of our favorite and most efficient baby items ever: the inverted zipper pajamas!

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Badass Mom Pumps Breast Milk While Competing In Half Marathon

Wow. You go girl!

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