my weekend in photos


friday night consisted of greg and i drinking our favorite beer and catching up on some shows on the dvr. i finally used my new tumbler i made for the cruise. i’m excited to use it when we actually go.


i woke on my birthday to breakfast and gifts, then we were off to kenley’s soccer game where she scored her second goal!


after soccer and a quick run at the y, i did some shopping with michelle and enjoyed some girl time. later in the afternoon, we got all fancied up for family pictures! these two made my birthday so special.


of course we needed to do some silly faces! after pictures we headed to tibby’s for dinner. it was our first time and it did not disappoint.


we had a lot to celebrate, so we headed to dq for dessert!


birthday, soccer goal, and a great week of going to bed so nicely meant ice cream for all!


sunday morning, i got up for the u can finish distance dare. we ran two miles, then five miles and earned a pretty cool medal! more to come on the race.


the rest of sunday was pretty low key. we played at kyler and hudson’s house and did some things around our house. we ended the evening wrapping presents for a couple upcoming birthdays. the celebrations continue this week!


we planned on being on the cruise last weekend which is why we didn’t have much planned for this weekend, but it ended up being a perfect birthday weekend.

how was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. How are your tumblers holding up? I was thinking of making some for Christmas gifts and remembered that you had made one. I was just worried the vinyl wouldn’t hold up well and wanted to see how you liked yours. Thanks!

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