Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! What a week…so much to love!

o n e


On Halloween, the kids had a vocabulary parade at school. Crosby’s class dressed up as community helpers and he was so excited to be a garbage man. Kenley’s class dressed up as Chica Chica Boom Boom and she got to be the G.

Speaking of Halloween, we had a great one! We also ended up with WAY too much candy in our house considering we went to five different Halloween events this month. We now have no more candy thanks to the kids’ dentist! The dentist’s office did a buy back event again this year and paid us $10 for our TEN pounds of candy. All candy is being sent overseas to our troops! How great is that?

t w o


We play Legos a lot around these parts and the kids never cease to amaze me with their creations. Crosby built this car this week and he was SO excited to show me when I got home. He could build for hours, brick by brick.

t h r e e


That is all. I said last week that all we were rooting for was a good series and after game 4, we weren’t sure we were going to get that, but dang. The Cubs pulled out three games in a row and WON THE WORLD SERIES for the first time in 108 YEARS. Unbelievable.

f o u r

We tried a new recipe this week and loved it — Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes. It was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and it will definitely be going into the weekly rotation.

 f i v e

The holidays are right around the corner and I’ve already started thinking about Christmas gifts. I saw this great article, thought-provoking article this week surrounding gift-giving.

A Friendly Holiday Suggestion From a Mom with Too Much Stuff


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